The name Kuuma is of Finnish origin and translates into "HOT" – a fitting brand for a premium line of barbecue grills and marine water heaters.

Kuuma Grills are constructed of durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and are designed for the demanding marine environment, but are also perfect for RVing, camping, tailgating and home grilling.


Integrated folding legs enable easy grilling on any flat surface.  Kuuma grills also feature stay-cool handles, latching lids and can be mounted to any Kuuma grill mount.


Kuuma Water Heaters are constructed entirely of marine-quality aluminum to help prevent galvanic corrosion.  All water heaters feature an aluminum heat exchanger and a TIG welded interior tank.  Kuuma is the water heater of choice for many OEM's.


Every single Kuuma water heater and grill is tested 100% prior to shipment to our customers.  Kuuma's main production location is in Sriracha, Thailand with additional inspection and assembly being performed in Greensboro, North Carolina.






  • Developed a hinge for round kettle barbecues, Patent # 11110987889

  • Developed hidden foldaway legs on grills for maximum portability – use on the beach or on a tabletop (nonflammable surface)

  • Developed pre-treatment on stainless steel to reduce oxidation caused by heat when grilling

  • Designed electric grills that reach over 700 degrees Fahrenheit – received a VESTA design award

  • Developed a portable land docking base for pedestal grill mounts, increasing use on decks and camping

  • Designed remote reset high temperature cut off for marine water heaters

  • Developed fully adjustable marine rail mounts to level rectangular grills

This is the most well-made portable BBQ I've seen in many years. The quality in craftsmanship and overall function of the product is great. I've used it for tailgating and other outdoor activities and would strongly recommend this product to others.     - Vern